Booster Club


The McCormick Divers Booster Club is the fund raising arm of McCormick Divers.  The Booster Club is a 501-c(3), which means that all donations are tax deductible. All members of the McCormick Divers are required to become members of the Booster Club and are expected to participate in Booster Club activities.

McCormick Boosters support the team by raising funds through events such as their renowned Diving Show.  In addition, McCormick Boosters organize and host team social events and coordinate media coverage as appropriate.

McCormick Boosters has two general meetings per year, usually spring and fall.  The executive board meets 5-7 times per year depending upon necessity.

Funds are used to improve the club through the purchase of diving equipment, taking care of upgrades and repairs, and other diving related materials.  Club funds are used to reimburse coaches for their travel and event expenses, thereby not necessitating extra contributions from diving parents.

In 2001, McCormick Boosters established the Glenn McCormick Scholarship Fund, which is open to McCormick Diver Team members only. The purpose of the Fund is to help talented divers in financial need with their diving fees.

Membership in McCormick Boosters is $175.00 per annum upon joining McCormick Divers. Contributions from other sources than our parent group are greatly appreciated. Please contact us @ or call Debby McCormick @ 714-846-5731.