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Glenn McCormick started coaching in 1953. Sadly, he passed away in 1995, leaving behind a trail of National, International and Olympic Champions.  His legacy is the McCormick Divers of Long Beach, which he formed in 1968 when the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool was built for the 1968 Olympic Trials.

Glenn was an Olympic and World Games coach and judge.  He coached Pat McCormick and Gary Tobian to Olympic gold.  Other Olympic medalists and national champions include, Willie Farrell, Ann Cooper Culver, Gail Benton, Irenen McDonald of Canada, Patsy Plowman of Australia, Jeanne Stuno, Barb Gilders, Juno Stover Irwin, Paula Jean Meyers, Luis Nino de Rivera and Joaquin Capilla of Mexico, Larry Andreason, Kelly McCormick, Kit Salness, Debby Lipman McCormick, Todd Smith, and Kim Stanfield Berbari. He was US Diving’s Ambassador to the world and a rare and caring human being.  Glenn was inducted into the Swimming Hall of Fame in 1995. In 1996, US Diving established the Glenn McCormick Award.



McCormick Divers has been friends with some of the greatest divers of all times. Dr. Sammy Lee was a trail blazer in the Springboard and Platform diving world. Here is the celebration of life after his passing.