In mid-July 2020, McCormick Divers re-opened in a limited capacity for training. However, due to the restrictive nature of Los Angeles County during the COVID-19 pandemic at this time, we’ve been forced to temporarily move our operations next door, in Orange County,  just as many other diving clubs in Los Angeles County area. In September 2020, McCormick Divers reopened in an official, limited capacity

During this time, McCormick Divers continues to train divers from the Long Beach and surrounding areas to be prepared for the eventual upcoming competitive season. So we, like many other business, made some temporary changes in this uncertian climate until we can return to our home pool in Long Beach.

One of those changes is we’ve moved our water training to the Woollett Aquatics Center in Irvine, CA for the time being. Practice is on the weekends: Friday 8-10pm, Saturday 2-4pm and Sunday 11-1pm. Additional Tower practices’ are held at either Mission Viejo Nadadores or Rose Bowl depending on availability. Additionally, we’ve secured dryland time at a gymnastics gym on Thursday’s evenings.

With the reduction of  training time from earlier in the year, we’ve made adjustments to our pricing as well. During COVID-19 restrictions, we’ll offer 2 payment options for training. Those prices can be found in our updated team registration packet.

Through this trying time, we will always strive for excellence, attain the goals set and bring out the best in all that train with us while we get through this pandemic. If you think you’d like to give diving a try, let us know and come on down!