Team Support

McCormick Divers has great support from a wide variety of sources.

Our amazing supporters include our Boosters Club, Businesses and Individuals who donate to our Boosters, Businesses and Organizations that support the health of McCormick Divers and other Athletes.

Full Body Health is important to Divers. We are grateful to providers outside of the diving world.

Reischl Physical Therapy has been essential in helping divers maintain excellent physical health especially when healing from injuries and working to avoid injuries while training.

Alignment is essential to diving for divers to make clean entries into the water. But hitting the water can impact physical alignment. Bloch Chiropractic helps keep physical alignment in order to help divers impacted by the challenges divers face while working on entering the water with clean, splash free entries.

With facilities impacted by Covid-19, it is great to have additional training sources outside the pool. Core Pilates offers classes for athletes, friends, and family.

Hitting the water at up to 35 miles per hour can cause strain on the body. Orthopaedic and Spine Care has been working with divers, other athletes, friends, and family to maintain bone and back health.



Throughout the years, former McCormick Diver, Starla Cortopassi has added to our visual brand. Here are some of her designs used to promote the Glenn McCormick Memorial Invitational Dive Meet.

McCormick Divers Booster Club

You can help McCormick Divers by donating to our Booster Club. Our biggest fund raiser is our annual Glenn McCormick Memorial Invitational Dive Meet. Sadly, because of Covid-19, We haven’t been able to hold meets in 2020 or 2021. As a tax-exempt 501(c)3, donations to McCormick Divers Booster Club are tax deductible.

One way you can help: When you buy stuff online, use and choose McCormick Divers as your beneficiary.